Reflection on the final presentation

I am currently enrolled in my concluding course to complete the Professional Certificate in Training from NYU.  The course is Practices and Principles of Online Course Creation and Instructional Design.  For the final presentation I will be team teaching a 30 minute online synchronous course with a classmate.  This will be my first attempt to teach an online course with another person and I am pretty excited about it.

When we were given the option to work on the final presentation with another person I almost instinctively thought it was a good idea.  Throughout my career, some of my most fulfilling and successful projects have been where I have worked collaboratively with a team.  There are many aspects of a collaboration that appeal to me.  I enjoy the dialog, the feedback, the combination of skill sets, the different perspectives, and the common objective.  I am a “people person” and I am energized by the opportunity to collaborate with a colleague.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the topic of ‘Online Team Teaching’ was discussed in our course text Discussion-Based Online Teaching To Enhance Student Learning by Tisha Bender.  Bender talks about the advantages and the potential problems to be considered when team teaching.  She suggests, (referring to Cranmer’s Team Teaching (1999)) “ideally, there should be an easy-going give and take, so that teachers can switch back and forth from being in the metaphorical driver’s seat to being in the back”.

Another idea Bender highlights regarding online team teaching is the ability for the teachers to simultaneously lead independent group discussions.  This is definitely something I am interested in experimenting with.  I think this would be a great way to facilitate debate and really engage an online classroom at an advanced level.

Another area that Bender discovered which needs to be carefully approached in online team teaching is grading.  Prior to the course the teaching team should discuss and decide on a method how they will evaluate the participants.  I hadn’t considered this at all.  Thanks Bender.

The design and development of our final presentation has transpired very smoothly.  We seem to make a good team.  Will we be as successful in the implementation of the instruction?  I have a hunch, but I’ll reserve my final evaluation for after our 30 minutes have come to pass.

What do you think about online team teaching?  Does the concept inspire you?  Or is it something you wouldn’t dare attempt?

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One Comment on “Reflection on the final presentation”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Great post Chris! I agree with you that collaboration makes everything better, including grading. I just finished teaching my first class (Foundations I) with a co-facilitator, and even though we didn’t teach “together” in the same room, collaborating on content, approach and students was great! The class was so much stronger!

    I have no doubt that you and Rhonda will be successful and I’m looking forward to your presentation!


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